Sunday, 1 July 2018

When the big guy and I came back from holidays on Wednesday, the cat had stopped eating.  Not only had she stopped eating but she had vomited throughout the whole house, always a lovely way to come home.  Poor thing, we took her to the vet who did bloodwork and an x-ray but couldn't find anything wrong with her.  He gave us medicine to stimulate her appetite which only made her vomit more.  I tried mixing some food with water and gave it to her by syringe which was only partially successful;  this involved wrapping the cat in a towel and the big guy holding her tightly while I grabbed her head and opened her mouth while I injected the contents of the syringe into her mouth and then held her mouth shut.  I ended up with a fair number of puncture wounds on my fingers and the big guy was covered in scratches but the cat kept the little bit of food down.

Yesterday I came up with the idea of tuna shakes.  I took a can of tuna, added water and liquified it.  Totally disgusting but the cat liked it.  She slowly started to take a little by herself so I offered her the shake throughout the day.  She especially liked it warmed up.  Made me gag.

This morning she said hello like her old self and even ate a little of her food.  She seems to be on the mend.

Tonight my son and his new girlfriend are coming over for supper.  I haven't seen my son since January when we told him he had to leave.  He's sober now even went to AA once that he told me of.  I am wary but hopeful.  We'll see.


  1. Do you think your cat grew sick because she missed you so? I'm glad she's better.
    Good luck with your son!

    1. I think she did miss us. She back to her usual complaining self thank goodness:)

  2. Even the idea of tuna shakes makes me want to gag, let alone warmed up. Glad kitty seems better. Good luck with tonight.

  3. I've just been introduced to you via Birdie's blog.
    I love discovering someone who pours it all out there!
    I've added the link to your blog to my directory so I won't forget to visit again.

  4. I think your cat missed you. Hope all is well with your sons visit.

  5. I sure hope your son's visit went well --

  6. My daughter's cat had similar symptoms a few months ago. After numerous xrays and other exams totally over $1200, a $4 bottle of Pepto Bismol solved the problem. Go figure.

    Hope yours is back to good health.

    Love the photo!

  7. boy am I rooting for you and your son. xoxo

    that tuna shake is genius and disgust all blended into one! ha!

    enjoy yourself, deb.

  8. Yay! Finally figured out how to comment - there's no shutting me up now! :)