Friday, 28 April 2017

I haven't written in a long while.  Life has been busy with work and family but maybe that's an excuse.  I don't make the time to sit down and write. 

We were in Vancouver this past weekend to visit my middle daughter.  We had a lovely visit.  She's turned into a nice young woman.  She was mad at me for so long, I'm thankful that we are getting closer again.  I've missed her a great deal. 

On the way home we stopped at the Abbotsford Tulip Festival and took photos.  It was beyond beautiful.  Naturally I burst into tears.  It amazes me how much beauty there is in this world, and how much ugliness at the same time.  I know the colors don't look real but I haven't touched them.

Katie broke her arm almost six weeks ago and had to have surgery.  She has done well, all things considered.  The bone is healing slowly but it's healing.  It doesn't seem to cause her much pain anymore.  The medical marijuana that we started her on shortly before she broke her arm is helping her anxiety.  She's more like her old self, smiling, relaxed, friendly.  Not afraid and defensive.  We still have kinks to work out but it's coming.  She also had to move in the middle of all this and is doing well in her new home.

And me.  I'm happy enough most days.  The days are shorter.  The leaves are ready to burst forth.  Work is better now, most days we are fully staffed which helps.  My patients still teach me something new everyday. 

I still forget to relax and enjoy my life.  I see it in my daughter as well.  This need to work and work and work to makes things perfect when life can never be perfect; when life is supposed to be messy and enjoyable.  I try.  It's just hard for me to sit still and be.  The closest I come to being is when I'm walking which is something I guess.  A start. 

My granddaughter helps me to remember to be as well.  To play and enjoy life.  Note to self, spend more time with little people.


  1. You sound good, so the relaxing, even if a little bit seems to be working. It seems to take energy for me to relax and I forget to do it too, and actually forget how it's supposed to feel sometimes.

    So glad to hear about Katie, she deserves a break. I'm happy you got one too, in that river of tulips - gorgeous!

  2. The grandkids demand us to be there, fully in the moment. Playing with my grandson is the closest I can get to relaxing. Sorry to hear about Katie's arm. Very happy you are growing closer to your middle daughter. Those tulips!!!

  3. I am glad your middle daughter is coming back to centre.
    I feel bad for Katie. She has enouh to go through without breaking her arm. But bring in the medical marijuana. This is so great. Nobody should have to deal anxiety like she has. Yay!

  4. definitely spend more time with little people!
    that's a secret to a carefree life :^)

  5. Glad to see you posting again. Sounds like things are back on an upswing.

    Spend more time with little people . . . and with flowers. Can't go wrong with that.