Sunday, 22 March 2015

Things I'm thankful for today.

Grandbabies, even if they are step-grandbabies, she's still my grandbaby.


  1. So greet to see you, deb! You are both beautiful

    Congratulations for sure!


  2. I have a lot of "steps" in my family but I usually forget that they are not blood relatives. In fact, they are closer to my heart than many of my relatives that are related by genetics.

    And I love this picture of you.

  3. Nothing feels or smells as good as a baby all snuggled up against you.

  4. What a lovely picture, and you look so nice and gentle..I am glad you are sorting out your life, its a terrible place to be made to feel worthless and a disappointment to someone you have loved. then also to have to care for a poor child that is disabled, your life has had a lot of turns and you manage to look so serene in that photo..I hope you have a good week next week too..x