Thursday, 12 March 2015

Things I worry about.

Katie and her roommate aren't getting along.
Katie's mole which keeps growing and changing, seeing Dr. Dickhead the dermatologist tomorrow.  Maybe he won't be such a giant dickhead tomorrow.
I've had two endometrial biopsies in eight months.  Post menopausal bleeding is not cool.
Upcoming sigmoidoscopy.  Rectal bleeding is not cool.
My son graduates next month and now he has to find a job, with a criminal record.
Looking for a house for me and the big guy.
Feeling old when I was sick a few weeks ago.

Things I'm thankful for today.

The big guy is coming with me and Katie tomorrow to see Dr. Dickhead.  Katie has backup.  I don't call him the big guy for nothing. 
Warm and sunny today.
Leaving for the mountains tomorrow after Katie sees the doctor.
The big guy suggested Katie could live in my condo and we could buy a new house. I like to have a Plan B.
Spring is coming.
And hugs.
My son is graduating with his degree in business!  I'm so proud of him.
Planning our summer holidays.  Vancouver Island, Tofino, Clearwater and more lovely places.
I'm not sick anymore and I have my old energy back.
I have enough money to buy a house.
A good man.

Update,  the doctor was nice and the mole has been removed!  Thankfully the big guy is strong enough to hold Miss Katie down.


  1. I know how worried you are about Katie's mole, and I'm so grateful that The Big Guy is going with you tomorrow. I send you lots of love and continued strength and courage -- no matter what happens. You are strong. And lord knows, so is Katie!

    By the way, that photo is STUNNING! What's going on with your photography thing?

    1. The photography thing is a slow work in progress, mostly because I don't think my images are good enough, but that is slowly changing. I have more energy now that the light is back in the sky so hopefully we'll get it up and running.

  2. I hope the dermatology appointment went well ( may find out when I read the more recnt post, but I like to start from the older one). It' s good to have back-up.