Saturday, 12 October 2013

I found this lovely sunflower down in the river valley about a month ago.  People, myself included, leave sunflower seeds for the chickadees down there.  The birds will eat right our of your hand.  A year ago the big guy and I took my mum down there for a wiener roast, her first and last wiener roast as it turned out.  Mum loved the wiener roast but she especially loved feeding the little chickadees right out of her hand. 

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I do feel thankful this weekend.  My daughter and her boyfriend are arriving from Vancouver today to spend the weekend with us.  She wants to cook with me.  There is a free range turkey, her request, sitting in the fridge as I write this, waiting to be cooked.  I never thought I would be cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter.  I will teach her my mum's recipe for stuffing tomorrow. 

I work in cancer care which sounds like an awful place to work but it is the opposite.  Although I work with an awful co-worker, it's my patients that keep me there.   Everyday I see people who have had the worst news they can imagine and everyday they get on with their lives.  They laugh, they cry, they work, they love but most importantly, they live. 

Just last week I had a patient, thirty-five, with two young children and metastatic melanoma.  She will die and she knows this but she is alive right now and the vibrancy of that life shimmers around her.

I am thankful that I love and I am loved.

What are you thankful for this weekend?

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  1. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous post. I am thankful today that my funk has passed.